Monday, February 21, 2011

Dreaming About the Kiss

Last night I woke in the night.  Without my glasses I cannot really see the clock so I am not sure what time it is.  The windows are open and I can hear crickets in the woods beyond our yard.  The only other sound I hear is your breathing.  

I put on my glasses to look at the clock, but I my eyes are drawn to the moonlight cascading on your body.  You shift slightly but you remain asleep as I prop myself up on my elbow.  Even though I know every curve and contour of your body, I cannot take my eyes off you.  

I focus on your chest.  Your smooth skin almost seems to glow in the moonlight.  I watch it rise and fall as your breathe.  It is almost hypnotic.  Up.  Down.  Up.  Down. 

My eyes move up to your face.  I focus on your lips.  I can almost feel the softness of them pressing on mine.  I notice there is a little stubble growing on your chin, now I can feel it scratching gently on my chin as we kiss in my mind.  

I lean over and touch my lips to yours.  You return my kiss without waking up, almost instinctively.

I return my glasses to the night stand.

I lay my head back on my pillow.

As I close my eyes and drift back to sleep, I listen to the crickets and your breathing.  I dream about the kiss.

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T said...

Who were you cheating with, now?