Sunday, February 13, 2011

Not Tonight

K was gone at a tournament all day Saturday and was not to get home until late.  The plan was for T to come over to my house.  I was going to make a nice dinner for him and my kids and then we would all go see a movie.

Things started to fall apart.  Yesterday, my kids lobbied hard that we should go out for pizza.  (They are not always big fans of my cooking).

My daughter was complaining of a sore throat that turned out to be strep.  After getting her medication I knew she would not be able to go to the movies.  As the afternoon wore on, it was clear that she felt worse.

I told T that it may not be a good idea for him to come.  It turns out that was the right call because she started throwing up things that I was pretty sure she had not even eaten.

By the time K got home, I was tired, cranky and my daughter still "actively" sick.  

It was late by the time we finally got her to bed, it was late and T had gone to bed.

I know that these kinds of things sometimes happen with kids, and T was very understanding, but I'm sure he was a disappointed as I was.

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