Friday, February 4, 2011

Pizza & Beer

Sometimes I take comfort in things that are familiar.  Tonight, beer and pizza is my vice.  

When I was in college I used to drink a lot. Too much, really.  After college, I moved in with my best friend from high school (let's call him Steve) and we always had beer in the fridge and we drank a lot of it.  This time was about the time I met K and I was deep, deep in the closet and in denial about who I am.   (Before you ask, nothing ever happened with Steve.)

I don't really know why I drank so much, but we (Steve and I) both did.  We also ate a lot of pizza, mostly because neither of us knew how to cook.  I had a good time living there.  We were both single with no real responsibility expect to pay our rent every month.  I did not even have a real bed, just a mattress on the floor and that was OK with me.  I guess things were just simple then.

Today I do not drink very much.  I will have a beer or two with dinner when I go out or if I have company over to the house, but except for that, I generally do not drink at home.  The kids like pizza so we get that a lot, more than we should.

Tonight I am trying to take some comfort in pizza and beer.

I was supposed to see T last night, but that did not work out.  I was not anyone's fault, it's just that life got in the way.  Tonight his parents return from being away for a month, so he is spending some time with them (as he should).  Tomorrow he is singing at an event for veterans of the Vietnam war.  More on that here.

So tonight I am a little melancholy.  K has gone to spend the evening, and the night, with AJ.  I don't know when I will see T again.  I am feeling lonely and sad.  

In the end, I ate some pizza and drank two beers.  It took me several hours to drink them so there was no "chemical" effect tonight.  Now I finally have the kids in bed.  Nothing left for me to do now but go to sleep and dream of when I can...


T said...

I miss you, too.

Here's something that will make you smile when you read it tomorrow morning:

Give me an S
Give me an M
Give me an I
Give me an L
Give me an E
Show me your WEE WEE

LOL...Yes, I am nuts... :)

T said...

I am from Korea. So, I am going to sing for the veterans of the Korean War.

SC Guy said...

Ok...I think T is a perhaps more than a little nuts, but he is your nut!

Sorry things didn't work out the past few days. Hopefully that will change soon. I am trying to learn that each "down" has an "up". We just have to hang on until it gets here.

As T tells you and often tells me, smile. Even if you don't feel it a first, make yourself smile. Pretty soon your mood will catch up! :-)