Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Just Nice

I picked up T at his office yesterday after work.  He was ready for me.  At first I thought we were going to have dinner with his sister, but she decided that she was too tired and she went home.   I had him all to myself.

As I drove him home he told me about the employee he had to fired that day.  He was not feeling good about it and wanted to talk about.  I listened, sometimes asking questions or offering opinions.  The details are not important.  I was thinking about the big picture and what I was seeing was the man I love, who was telling me about the hard day he just had a work.  ( melt )

This is one of those moments that I dream about for us.  We stopped at a noodle place and ate a quick dinner for 2.  Then we went back to his house and watched some TV.  We were sitting, melted together, occasionally turning steal a quick kiss from the other.

Close to heaven.  We stayed like that for about 2 hours, when I had to start the trek home.


On another note:

I very much appreciate the words of encouragement and support I received on my last post about coming out to the kids.  I am still working out my strategy, but I feel a lot more confident than I did before.



T said...

Since you were very nice to me yesterday, I promise to come help you plant your onion crop this Spring. I still think you should check with your HOA before using your whole backyard as an onion field, though.

T said...

Mee loe ju beary mooch, zeam