Friday, February 11, 2011

Just Feeling the Feelings

When we are together, I just feel the feelings.  It does not matter what we are doing, I feel them, just the same.  All I need is your body close to mine and I can feel the feelings.

Over the years I often wondered about the stories of the guys doing crazy things for love.   I did not understand how the love of a woman could make a man do crazy things.  I did not feel the tingles in my belly that being "in love" with one special person was supposed to bring.  I knew how to make it appear to others like I had those feelings, but I did not really experience them for myself.

That is, not until you came along.  Once you came into my life, I learned what all the brew-ha-ha was about.  I learned what in love felt like.  I learned that I could not longer live the lie.  I could never go back to who I was.  I could only move forward and be the person I truly am.  Falling in love with you was my great awaking.  

Now when you are lounging in my arms, I just feel the feelings.  I know I am where I belong.


SC Guy said...

This is a beautiful and post so captures what I have been feeling in my own life. Until you experience it, you just can't know what it's like. It's connecting on the deepest level and can be truly amazing. Treasure every moment. I am very happy for you!

manxxman said...

What a lovely Valentine's sentiment and so so very true.