Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Nice Day to Be Together, That Wasn't

Today was a really nice day in my neck of the woods.  Not as nice as here, but pretty nice.  I think it was the warmest day  so far this year with the daytime high reaching 78 degrees with a nice breeze.  

I spent the first part of the day with K and the kids.  We went to church and then we all went out to lunch.  It was so nice we even are outside on the patio.  (If you are a northern reader who still has 3 feet of snow in your yard, please forgive me.)  After lunch a quick trip to Wally -World for supplies and then home.

All the time I was thinking about how much I wanted T to be there with me.  How I wanted him to be part of the family all the time.

Then I got to thinking about vacations.  K and AJ took a cruise over the week of Thanksgiving.  (She does not think that counts as a romantic vacation because AJ's daughter went too.  (boo hoo)).  I want to have a vacation alone with T.  I want to be able to go somewhere and not have to worry about anything other than him and me and making the most out of our time together.  We had a really good time during the weekend we spent together over labor day, but that was only 2 nights and I really wanted more (not to mention that he was sick for one of those nights).

I think all the time about spending time with him.  And I don't really care what we do, so long as we are together.

For now we see each other once or twice a week.  Each visit is a few hours long and then we go home.  I need to find a way to see him more often.

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Biki said...

How about doing a "staycation". It's where you go to a nice hotel in your city, and just stay put. No driving, no being felt up by TSA, not traveling gives you so many more hours together! And tis so much cheaper too! Turn off your phones, and tell K what hotel you are in, if there is an emergency and she needs to get in contact with you. And then just wallow in the complete freedom of an entire weekend, or maybe squeeze out 3 days, of just you and T.