Wednesday, February 16, 2011

You Just Know

There are things that you know are just right.  They seem natural.  They fit you.  You cannot imagine that you were ever any other way.  

When I look back at the person I was pretending to be for so long and then I look at where I am today, I sometimes have a hard time seeing the man I once was.  Not that I am really that different.

I was with T tonight.  I went to his house and had dinner with his family.  They all talked around me in a language I do not yet understand.  T would tell me the topic of their conversation from time to time, but mostly I was there alone.

But I did not feel out of place.  There was no place else I would rather have been but by his side.  I was perfectly content.

When the meal was over, we went up stairs.  He bought home several boxes of work from the office.  I had bought my work computer with me too.  I have a big presentation to give on Thursday that still needs work.

We sat on the floor in his loft and we each did our own work.  Occasionally stopping to chat or kiss.  I could tell I was exactly where I needed to be.  I was with the person I needed to be with.  Just being with him was enough.  We were not even sitting close together, but I still felt close to him.

There are some things you just know are right.  This was one of those things.


T said...

What you should know is I am always right.

By the way, how is your onion crop?


Anonymous said...

So how are we going to learn Vietnamese? I was looking at the book the other night. First of all, the 6 tones require CDs to hear. Then I asked Wichita about this and I seem to be tone deaf when he pronounces.

The lack of declensions and conjugations - I got that part! :)

T said...

See, Jim?
You should learn Japanese so you can understand us at the dinner table.

Michael-in-Norfolk said...

I wish you luck on your journey. Like you, I am in many ways a very different person from the one I pretended to be, yet in other ways I'm not so very different. The biggest change is that I'm a happier person and my kids get that, especially my youngest.

And when I'm cuddled with my partner, it definitely just feels so right.