Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gay Bowling Update

I stopped at the bowling alley last night.  The gay group was much smaller than I expected.  The website seems to indicate there were something like 25 teams.  I counted 8.

Anyway, I checked off the things I cared about.

Age?  Mostly younger guys but some my age.  CHECK!

Friendly? They seemed to be friendly, with some talking between teams. CHECK
(I did not talk to anyone.  I was just there to briefly observe and then I left.)

I did not see any women, not that, that's a deal breaker for me, but I was kind of surprised.  There was one other thing that I checked.  I did not think about it before I got there, but once I started looking around, it became important.

How were these guys scoring?  It turns out that they bowl well within my scoring range, so I won't be embarrassing myself.

Verdict?  I will sign up in August for the next season.

1 comment:

Buddy Bear said...

Yes, do sign up! You must!!I wish there was "gay bowling", baseball, curling ... or whatever in my small town. Maybe there is? .... I'll have to look into it.