Friday, April 8, 2011

Smoking Hot Sex

This has not really been a good week for T and I.  You know what happened on Monday.  On Tuesday, I was supposed to go visit him but something came up and we did not connect.  Wednesday, I will supposed to call him, but I got distracted and by the time I called, he had gone to bed.  Damn.

Tonight was different.  

When I missed him on Tuesday, we agreed that we would get together on Thursday.  And we did.

He does not work on Thursdays, but he had some things to do at home.  I do work, so afterward, I drove to meet him at a local mall.  He was running late, so I hung out at the bookstore.

I happened to be looking toward the front of the store when he walked in.  I spotted him though the glass door, even before it opened.   He looked so good and it was really nice to see him.

We had a nice dinner together, just us.  We went to a PF Chang's.  I just love the chicken lettuce wraps and as soon as we sat down, the waiter was putting an order on the table in front of us.  Apparently the kitchen made extra one and they needed to get rid of it.  It was difficult, but T and I were happy to help them out.  My day was getting even better.

After dinner, we went to a private place.  A quiet place, that did not stay quiet for long.  When the main event was over, we both commented to each other that it had been a long time since we were alone in a place where we were really alone.

We watched some TV, together, close, you get the idea.

Before long it was time to say good bye.  It was time for him to go home to his family and me to my (ex)wife and kids.  While I don't much care for that part of the evening that inevitably come, today I did not feel sad, because I had such a wonderful time.

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johnmichael said...

Very nicely written..
And so glad you got to connect with him.