Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Yeah... I'm Staying.

Tonight I met T and his family for dinner.  As usual, they were all nice to me and made be feel welcome, even thought I did not understand much of what they were saying.  After dinner we went back to his house.

We settled on his couch.  He did his paperwork and I forced him to watch "Deadliest Catch".  I was sitting close to him absently rubbing his back (under his shirt).  When he was finished with his work he sunk back into the couch.  I moved over put my head on his chest.  I closed my eyes.  I could hear his heart beating.  I could hear his breathing.  He put his arms around me.

I started to tear up, but just a little.  I had what I have always wanted.  I had a man who really, truly loves me for me and I loved him too.  In that instant, I was home.  I was content.  I was happy being absorbed in his warm embrace.

Yeah... I'm staying here.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, you're gay alright.

Biki said...

Good to hear. I think things will work out for the two of you, it will just take time.

Is there any possible way that T could rearrange his life a bit to accommodate you a tiny bit more? Any chance at all of living together sooner than later, if nothing else, on the weekends?

T said...

Jim is welcomed at my house any day. He doesn't have much free time either. He just likes to think way ahead. Right now, he still has a wife and four kids. He just wants to give me a hard time. :) I think instead of dwelling into his loneliness, Jim should chanel that energy into worshiping me...LOL

Buddy Bear said...

Beautiful post and emotions expressed. I hope that one day I will be as lucky.