Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Can I Make You Some Dinner?

I was not able to go see T last night like I planned.  It just did not work out.  But tonight T came to my house.  I made him (and my kids) dinner.  Nothing that special, I baked some chicken in a marinade and some instant rice.  The chicken came out pretty good, but the rice was under-cooked.

After we too the kids out for ice cream and while my kids were not the best behaved, we had a good time.  He did not stay too late, but I know that he worked hard today and he had a long drive home.  I was really glad he came.

Saturday, T's sister (the straight one) is having a birthday party at the house.  There will be a lot of family there, including a whole bunch of his nieces & nephews.  My younger kids two kids are going to go with me and they are excited about it.   I don't know if my older kids will go, but they  might.

What I thought was especially nice was that T's sister went out of her way to invite K and AJ.  K told be she is trying to talk him into going.  I told her not to push him.

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