Saturday, August 13, 2011

Family By the Fire

If you have followed my blog for any length of time you know my family likes campfires. There is something about the flame that is special to us. I frequently have fires at my house, even if I am all alone.

Tonight, however, I was not alone. I'm nearly 1000 miles from home with my family. We set up a fire and my sister and my parents sat around it talking and swaping stories of years gone by. In the past, K was around these fires, but she did not come with me on this trip. While I do miss her, my longing thoughts are really for T.

He would have loved this campfire. He would have loved to hear the family stories. What's more, my family would have LOVED keeping him up late telling him every funny thing I have ever done in my life, no matter how embarrassing.

My family would really embrace him as one if our own. Gay or straight would not matter. All that matters is that he is the one I am in love with and he would be accepted

I really wish he had heard the stories tonight. Maybe next year.

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Anonymous said...

you can tell him some of those stories while snuggling. It'll help him sleep!