Saturday, August 27, 2011

Quirks, Gay Husbands, and Pride

I think most couples that have been together for a long time develop little quirks together.  (Assuming they like each other.)  One of the things the K and I started to do fairly early in our relationship was say quotes from movies at just the right time to fit our current situation.  We found you can there is a quote to fit any situation from either "The Simpsons" or a Disney movie.  Occasionally, we pull from "Family Guy"

We do it a lot and then laugh about it.  As I type I know it sounds lame, but we think it's funny and it is a connection point for us.  I am really glad the that connection point has remained after all we have been through.

What I think is even better is that AJ does not quite get it.  That means it is one thing that I will continue to share with my best friend.


When I got back from vacation I discovered my car is leaking coolant.  The water pump is leaking, and not just a little either.  I took the car to the shop yesterday afternoon and K came to pick me up and take me home.  

While we were driving home the gay ex-husband came up.  While she has achieved a good outcome, I think there are still flashes of, well... not anger, but irritation, with the fact we had to go through all of this.  I pointed out that now she was with "Mr. Wonderful" (who she says is much better in bed that I was (of course, I WAS a gay guy with a woman, I did the best i could)) and that maybe he was better for her anyway.  I can't remember exactly exactly what she said, but it gave me the impression that she wish either I stayed "bisexual" or I had come out 20 years ago and not had to deal with this at all.  

She was not cranky about it exactly, but it was a little uncomfortable for a while.  I guess no matter how well we are doing, there will always be that... something... left behind.


Today is the Charlotte Pride Festival.  This will be the first time I have ever gone to a pride event anywhere.  I have always wanted to go, but I have either been afraid or not able to find the time to get away.  

Today I have the time and I am not afraid.  I'm actually pretty excited about it.  I wish that T was coming with me, but he has to work today.  

After the pride event, I will get a movie from the RedBox and head over to T's house.  We will snuggle on his couch and I will be happy to be with my man.

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Jacob Woods said...

That is not lame at all. When I was dating my last bf we would slap each other's butts and holler ghost to say that it was a ghost who touched the other person's behind. It was just one of those cute things that was part of our relationship.

Have fun at pride!