Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day Off... Sort of.

Today is T's day off.  Well, his office is closed but he still has work to do.  I am going to spend the day with him and I can't wait.  I have not seen him in a week and it's killing me.

I will meet him at first at his office, where is he has stuff to do, but I have things I have to do too.  I am bringing my computer bag and my GRE study guide with me.  I have stuff other stuff to do too.  Hell I may play games while he works.  All I really care about is that we will be together for a while.

When partners/spouses are together they are not lounging around staring into each other eyes all the time.  Their lives are not all romantic dinners and love making.  There is work too.  In addition to their jobs, there is other work too.  Maintaining a home, going to and from appointments of all kinds, participating in kid and family activities (that may or may not be any fun) and other things that are not rainbows and roses.  But what is important is that through think and thin, through good times and bad, through fun and work.

Even though I know much of his attention will be on his work, I am looking forward to just being there with him.

Going to get in the car now.  Have a good day!

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