Tuesday, October 11, 2011

You Like Him A Lot...

I love all my kids and I try hard to treat them all equally, but my daughter holds my heart in a way the boys don't.  What makes that ironic is that 8 years ago when K talked me into having another child, I only grudgingly agreed.  Throughout her pregnancy, I was largely disengaged.  It was easy since K was such a bitch for the whole 9 months.  But once my daughter was born, everything in my heart changed.  I was totally unprepared for the hold she would have on me.

Yesterday I spent all day with my kids.  We went to church as a family, then to lunch, and then I took the kids to my house as K works at the church most of the day on Sunday. 

My daughter says some crazy stuff that just makes me smile.

I was exchanging text messages with T:

Daughter:  Daddy, who are you texting?
Me: It's T
Daughter:  Oh.  You like him a lot.
Me:  Yes, I do.


While my daughter was getting ready for bed... (remember she is 7)

Daughter: Daddy, you could have a girlfriend.
Me:  You think so?
Daughter: Well, no one has asked you.
Me:  The only girl I ever see is you.
Daughter: Dad!  I'm too young to be your girlfriend.
Me: Well, yes, and I'm also your father.
Daughter:  Yeah, that would be against the rules of love.