Saturday, October 15, 2011

Does This Make Me Gay?

Tonight I had the kids.  K and AJ went to the big NASCAR race in town.  Because I could not go out, T came over to my house after work.

We took the kids out to dinner, then to the movies and then to a frozen yogurt place.  After all that it was time for T to leave and drive home.  I was sorry that we did not get any alone time, but we both knew the kids were going to be around.

I really like seeing him with my kids.  He is really good with them and they really like him to.

The movie we saw was Dolphin Tale.  It is a feel good story about an introverted kid with abandonment issues who stumbles upon a dolphin caught in a crab trap that has washed up on the beach.  You probably know the plot basics, so I won't waste any time on that here.

People who know me well know that I keep my emotions very close to the surface.  It is not uncommon for my eyes to tear when something emotional happens in a movie.  Oddly, it is usually when something happens that makes me feel good, that the tears come.  This movie has several of those moments.  I am unable to control the tears.  All I can do is wipe them away before anyone sees them.

I have always been like this.  Knowing most people are not, however, I have carefully hidden the occasional tear.  (No, I have something in my eye.  Yes, both eyes!!)

I have often wondered if my heightened emotional was connected to me being gay.  People who believe in the stereotype would probably think so.  I'll bet there are lots of guys who would cry seeing a dolphin get a prosthetic flipper.  Aren't there?

I have never give it a whole lot of thought before.  It was just one of a list of things about me that I dared not share with anyone.  Just like my desire to see hot, sexy men naked.  (and kissing)


T said...

If you desire to see hot, sexy men naked and kissing, then go look at them...GRRR. Greedy!!!

CarolM said...

lol my dad cries a lot. I left my house to live in another country a few years ago. When I came back it took months for people who work with him to stop complaining to me: You are the daughter that made him cry in front of the whole factory for a year?

My brother cries also. Just show him some animal being mistreated...

And no, they're not gay. In fact they can be stupid macho man.

RB said...

Just curious, why can't T spend the night at your place? After the kids are asleep you both head to bed? It's not like you're hiding something as you did tell them you're gay.

Just keep your activities on the quiet side. Why not?