Saturday, October 22, 2011

Two Lives...Still

Last night after a wonderful night in the arms of the man I love, it was time for me to return to my straight life.  Except for the fact I had to hang out at K's house to be with the kids, it was no different from any of the days befire I came out or before K moved.

She was gome most of the day with AJ.  I had the kids.

Also this afternoon, my middle son had a date... with a girl.  My middle son has a disability that impairs his speech pretty severely.  A lot of the kids in his school are not nice to him because he is an easy target.  When I asked him about this girl he told me she was nice to him when other kids weren't.  I thought that was super sweet and you can imagine my surprise when I also found out her family moved here from New Jersey.  Nice AND from New Jersey.  Who would have thought??

Anyway I was charming to this girl's mother and offered to drive her home after the movie.  It was very cute and my son had a really good time.

Then I took the little kids to a birthday party at church.  I was OK.  There was a lot of food and a Halloween movie the kids all seemed to like.

So even though I am mostly out of the closet, I am still living two lives.  My gay life with T and my straight life with the kids & K. I'm not complaining, it was just an observation I was thinking about this evening.


RB said...

It's great that you are supporting your kids.

AWILTAGM said...

My husband and I really love you and T. Even though we only really communicate through the blog, I feel connected to you. It sounds like your son made a really nice friend. I am glad to hear that. On the straight side of life, I can only imagine how hard that must be. Good Luck.