Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Motion For Summary Judgement

Both K and I got a letter in the mail from my lawyer's office.   There were a bunch of papers in there, but they all mostly said the same thing:

Monday, November 14, the marriage that K and I entered into back in 1993, will be over.

I have said it before, that I am not upset by this.  I mean, she has already moved into a new house with her boyfriend.  It's not like I have any hope of her running back into my arms so I can go back to my straight life.  And, oh yeah, I'm still gay.  I am still in love with a man.  I still cannot go back into the closet.

But it is another milestone on the journey.  It is another change.  On top of all the other change I am dealing with, it is one more thing to pile on my plate.

In other news, I was at the local community college today.  I had to visit the academic advising center.  When I walked in there was this kid there who asked if he could help me.  I say kid because I think he was born when I was in college the first time.  It turns out he did not know any more than what was written in the course catalog that I already had.  So told him what I wanted to do.  He entered some stuff in the computer and now I can register for classes in the middle of next month.

I did find that not all the classes I want are offered when I need them.  I may have to take some classes at another community college.  It is further away, but I think I can swing it.  I hope my car will hold out.

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cum.lover said...

I'd like to follow (in your blog) when you & T first became acquainted with each other. At what archived (blog) post, or entry, should I begin?