Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Most Valuable Commodity

T is very successful in his business.  He has a magnificent house, plus other properties he has purchased as investments.  Despite his financial success, he lives a very simple life.  With the exception of his house, he does not have flashy things, even though he could afford them.  He and his sisters have 3 cars, 2 of them are older with many miles on them.  Two Toyotas and a Honda.  I often joke that his family has the crappiest cars in their very swanky neighborhood and I worry the HOA will fine them.    He does not wear designer clothes and when he and his family go out for dinner, they will often choose Golden Corral or Cracker Barrel.

He is also very generous with his money.  I know he supports several charities, as well as taking care of some of his less well off family members.  He even gave me a loan when I needed it.

This is not really a posting about his money.  I mean, for me, it's a non issue. What I want from him is far more valuable that money. I want his time. I want his attention. I want his love.

I already have his love. I know it is unconditional and he thinks about me all the time. But his time is more precious. He is so busy it is hard for him to allocate time for me. Sometimes he invites me to events with his family so we can see each other. I like those times, but I really cherish the time we have alone together. 

Today I got some. He came to my house, which I know is extra hard for him considering drive time. He came early, we had ______ and then we went to lunch.  He bought some fish for my aquarium as a birthday present and then we went back to my house for more _____.  He had to leave early in the afternoon. I was sorry to see him go, but I was happy for the time that we had. 

I hope we do not have to wait a long a time until the next time we are together, but for tonight, I am happy he chose to spend some of his most valuable commodity with me today. 


T said...

My Dad no longer likes Golden Coral, but he still likes Cracker Barrel. It's the Asian thing; we go wherever Dad wants to go. I hope he'll get sick of it soon. GRRR...

T said...

Jim, people might misunderstood your "______." The first "blank" was "political discussion." The second one was "discussion about the separation of church and state."
By the way, my 2 sisters may look old, but they have had no miles. They are still virgins!

Buddy Bear said...

T also has a great sense of humour. You are very lucky!

Uncutplus said...

What kind of fish do you have?
Tropical fresh water fish?
Tropical salt water fish?

How many gallons and how many fish? Any oriental types like T?