Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me.

Today, I made a big shift.  Yesterday, I was in my early forties   Now. I am in my mid forties.  T says I should not worry about it because even thought he is older that me, he still looks much younger.  I'm not sure how that helps me, but I'm sure once day his Confucius will explain it to me.

I anticipation of my big day I headed to the store to pick up a pint of the gayest ice cream ever.  If I had one real weakness it's ice cream and since I was going to indulge on my birthday, I figured a gay flavor would be best.

For the record, it's pretty good but I would have preferred to have a little more rum flavor in the ice cream.

I am recovering nicely from my cold.  I feel much better, though I am still stuffy.  My voice is all raspy and it makes me sound sicker than I actually feel.

My dad called me this morning to wish me a happy birthday and I talked to him for a long time.  Then a quick chat with my mother and then I was off to the store to get some aquarium stuff.

I have had a aquarium for many years, but about 2 years ago when we put the house up for sale, I took it down.  Until a few weeks ago, the tank was in storage.

This past weekend my youngest son (who is 9) and I went to the pet store and bought new decorations for the tank.  I let him pick out everything.  I was hoping he would pick the reverse bubble waterfall, but he picked the diver that lifts the lid on the treasure chest.   I think he did a good job with the plants.  Just enough to add atmosphere but not so much that it's crowded

It must have taken us an hour in the aisle of the PetSmart.  I thinks he touched ever ornament in the place but in the end he settled on simple.  I like that.  He really is a low maintenance kid.  This is what he came up with.

I really have no special plans for tonight.  Monday is my bowling night, so I will be there tonight.  I wonder what dress up guy will have on tonight.  I will be seeing T on Thursday and have my birthday dinner with him.

In other news, I have a job interview scheduled for tomorrow.  It's really just a phone screen, but at least I got through the HR filter at this large company.  The position is extremely close to the job I just left so I think that I should be able to get an in person from it.

Of course, this is conflict with the plan to go back to school.  While I agree with T that school is best for my long term future, I think that I would be an irresponsible parent if I did not pursue it.

I'll let you know how it goes.


JustAMike said...

Happy birthday fellow Libran!

T said...

I did not say I still look younger though I am older than you. But, if I were to say it, it would be like: "Though I am older, I would always (not still) look younger."
You are so mean to me. You always twist my words around.