Friday, October 21, 2011

Side By Side

Tonight I had plans to see T.  I met him at his office as he finished up his work. We went to dinner with his sisters, brother, a 5 year old nephew and a 30 year old niece.  While we were waiting for our table, I got a text message from him (we were standing 3 feet apart):

"R U going to stay over?"

Well of course I will anytime I am invited.

Now, as I type this, we are laying side by side in his bed.  He is finishing up some work, I'm writing a blog, while watching Food Network.  We are together and I could not be happier.

1 comment:

William Myers said...

It was so vry SxC ht that T texted u yl u all were waiting
4 yr table @ d restaurant & he was standing 3 feet away from you! thnx
4 sharin, Jim! u & T r sizzlers!