Sunday, January 17, 2010

From Anger to Resentment...Is that a Good Thing?

It has been a fun filled weekend.  Well, I'm sure not if "fun" is the right word, but it has been full.

We have spent most of the weekend together as a family, me K and the kids.  It has been OK.  Most of the anger from last couple of weeks has faded some (faded, not gone).

K and I have talked about a bunch of things including a man whom is madly in love with her.  I have written about D, before.  She has known him for a long time and he has been in love with her for all that time.  I know K loves him to, but as a close friend.  I doubt he would be able to be the man that K needs, but the truth is, it is none of my business.  

The important thing for me is that she is re-opening her mind to the idea of moving on.  She also is thinking of me as a friend she can confide in.  I did not offer advice, but listened as she talked.  I asked questions when I needed to clarify things.  She seems like she need to talk and I let her.

Later we talked he going back to school.  Kind of a sore subject.  She   does not really want to and she was perfectly happy having me support her and now she has to prepare to support herself.  "I have more than a little resentment about that, you know."  

I don't blame her, I know it's hard for her and that hurts me a lot.

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