Sunday, January 31, 2010

Accept Who You Are

It has been a long week. 

It started with K having some surgery. (She is doing fine.  Thanks for asking.)

Because I had taken a few days off to be with K, going back to work on Wednesday was very difficult with a lot of stuff on my desk.  Friday night is started to snow.  In a area of the country that does not get a lot of snow, we got more than 6 inches.  Six inches of snow in Buffalo is no big deal but here it is.  Mostly because Buffalo probably has 300 snow plows.  We have something like 10.

K and I have been talking a lot over the past days and one of the things she keeps telling me over and over.  "You need to accept that this is who you are and all the things that go with it.  The sooner you accept that, the sooner all of us can move on."

Tonight we ordered Chinese and the fortune above was in my cookie.  Very perceptive cookie. 

The truth is I am gay.  The error is that I did not accept that years ago and got married.  Now I just need to move forward.  Sound easy enough, right?


manxxman said...

Never easy..........but you can move forward. Even K is letting you know that it's ok. Of course the road, especially in the beginning can be difficult (notice I said can and not will) but never doubt that being who you are is always so much easier in the end.

I hope K is recovering quickly.

Java said...

Best wishes for a quick recovery for K.

She is a very perceptive woman. You are smart to have her as a best friend. I hope that relationship can continue, if it works out for both of you.

Yeah, it sounds easy. The details can get complicated, though. Good luck!