Sunday, February 14, 2010

Feelings Hopeful

After a long stagnant time, I have made some significant progress in my head.  

I sat down with K and her therapist (shrink) Friday and I learned a bunch of things.  Some of them I knew intellectually, but could not really process until now.

1. There is a payoff for me when I am stuck wallowing in my guilt.  While I am feeling guilty I don't have to face the change that is coming.

2. K is ready to move on, but she is not in a big hurry to officially divorce or for me to move out.  She also is convinced that everything is going to work out ok.

3. K believes the feelings I interpret at fear is actually anticipation   Anticipation of living my "true life".

4. K dislikes T much more than I thought.  This is a problem I have to deal with

5. I have to come to terms with the relationship I want and the type of relationship T is willing to have.  Not matter how I feel about him, the likelihood is we are in a terminal relationship.

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Java said...

Good stuff, if hard. You're becoming stronger with every step.