Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Frakking Christians!!!

I am so fucking angry I can barely see straight to type this.

K works for a church.  A United Methodist church. The pastor knows we are getting a divorce and he (and only he) knows that I am gay.  On both counts he is supportive.   K has told a hand full of others in the church that we are separating, but not that I am gay.  They know that we are still best friends and we will continue to raise the kids together.  

Today K found out there are rumors going around the church about her and our family situation.  Who of these good Christians is spreading these rumors.  The piano player.  Not one of the people K has told anything.

Now if she was spreading rumors that K and I are separating, we could live with that because it is the truth.  But the shit she is saying is just that, SHIT.  K found out today that:

  • We are separating because she cheated on me.  (Depending on who is telling the story, I caught her in bed with another man).
  • She is sleeping around with several other men.
  • She is neglecting the kids, constantly leaving them with sitters so she can have her sexual encounters
  • She is so distracted by her "situation" that she cannot focus on her work at the church.
  • She is taking a romantic vacation and abandoning her family for the holiday (this is partially true)
The only part this that is true is the vacation over Thanksgiving week.  It won't exactly be romantic, because she will be going with 7 other people (including 3 teenagers).  She will also be sharing a cabin with AJ and his daughter, so I think that will put a damper on any romance.  And she is not abandoning me or the kids.  Hell, I even paid for half her ticket.

Now it seems people are believing this.  It's really screwed up because I attend church with her most every week.  I help her with the activities that she is responsible for.  If I was the spurned husband that was cheated on, why would I do that?

I can understand that if someone gets a hold of a juicy bit of gossip there is a need to share it.  I don't like it, but I understand why people do that.  I don't understand why someone would make up crazy lies and spread them.  I just don't get it.

So much for emulating Jesus.


jlo said...

Man I do not know what to tell you. In my experience there are always people in the church who are willing and eager to gossip about any one they can. It is always hard to hear that someone you know is talking behind your back. I have always tried to find the humor in what they are saying especially if what is being said is directly opposite to what is really going on. I do not know if this will help or not but my wife always says " If they are talking about me they are leaving someone else alone" I hope things calm down. LOVE AND HUGS

Anonymous said...

Sorry this is going on. I jave been through the church doing all sorts of things too....its hard sometimes.

Anonymous said...

As a United Methodist pastor, I found that some women spread this because they wanted to be with the husband. Are you in danger of being 'matched'?