Sunday, November 28, 2010


I can hear the waves breaking a couple of yards from my toes.  I can feel the sea breeze passing over my naked body.  Since there were no other people on our small island, there was no need for clothing.  As I doze I am vaguely aware of the calling of a passing gull.  I can feel your breath on my neck.  It is heavy, rhythmic, almost snoring.  I can tell he has drifted off to sleep.

Half an hour ago we were in the water on our deserted beach.  Either waist deep or chest deep in the sea depending the waves.  Playing and splashing. Body surfing on the waves.  Stopping every so often to embrace and kiss tenderly.  Eventually, making love in the surf.

Now , exhausted, we were resting in each others arms. 


Not long ago I would have thought this was only a fantasy.  Now I am seeing the possibility more clearly.  T has decided to hire two people in his office to help out.  He thinks once they get up to speed, he will be able to take a vacation.  I know we will do something together.  I don't know if we will go to the beach, but I know where ever we are it will be special.

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Anonymous said...

Follow your heart - as you have.
Great feeling in your writing piece...