Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Upcoming Stuff

This is the Carnival Freedom.  It is 110,000 tons of diesel powered fun that is currently plying the Western Caribbean Sea.  (Carnival Splendor is the one that broke down last week.)   Next Saturday at 6pm when she sets sail again, K will be on board (yes, the week of Thanksgiving).  She will be with AJ, his daughter, another couple and their 2 teen-aged kids.  K, AJ and his daughter will all be sharing a cabin, so that will surly take the "love" out of the love boat trip.  Today and this week she is stressing out about all the things she had to do before she leaves on her trip.  I am working hard to ignore it, but it is starting to stress me out too.  I am just getting anxious for her to be gone.  

Some might think that I should be jealous of her going.  She is talking an 8 day cruise and I got a bunch of crap when I wanted to take a weekend over Labor day.  But I am not.  I am glad for her.  She has been working hard and she deserves to have some time for herself.  Really, this is the first time she had had on her own since we decided the marriage was over.

Would I like to go on a cruise?  Of course.  T and I have talked about taking a gay cruise.  They tend to be expensive which might be a problem for me, but I think T would probably help me pay for it.  The real hurdle is time.  T's business depends on his personal attention and at the moment he does not have the staff to take care of things for even a couple of days, never mind a week.  And he is scared to close for a week for fear of losing customers.  He is trying to hire, but because he needs a specialized skill, it is not as easy as you might expect in today economy.

Y'all remember my mom and dad, right?  They will be coming for Thanksgiving.  When K asked the kids if it was OK for her to be gone for Thanksgiving, the only questions they asked was, "Is dad going to make Thanksgiving dinner?"  Apparently, my cooking is not up to their snooty standards.

We fixed that problem but inviting my parents to come for a visit.  I am not expecting my mother to cook while she is here, but I think she will at least guide me.  If I totally screw up, the people in the house next door own one of the Chinese take out places in town.  I know they will be open.

Anyway, me and the kids are very happy about my parents being here for the week.  We have not seen them since the week of July 4th when we drove up to their house.  And even that week we did not see them as much as they would have liked since we spent so much time at the beach.  I have taken most of the week off from work so I will have lots of time to spend with them and the kids.  I am really looking forward to it.

It will make it almost impossible for me to go out and see T during this time, but T has promised to come here to visit with me at least once, probably twice.  He has offered to take my family out to lunch or dinner too, which I thought was nice.

I won't get any alone time with him this weekend or next week but I can think about it and dream.

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