Thursday, November 11, 2010

Missed Opportunity? Maybe...

Near where I live there is a large lake.  It is really large.  It is just over 50 square miles.  There is a group of gay people that get together once a month at bars or restaurants near the lake.  That call these events "Take the Lake" and they are open to the public.  There was one tonight.

I know there are lot of gay people who work at my company, who go, including my direct supervisor.  So far this year I have not had the opportunity to go. Mostly because of K's schedule and my need to be home with the kids.

Tonight I had it all lined up.  K was going to be home and I was free to go.  As you might expect I was a little nervous about it.  If I show up there I would be all but coming out at work.

I talked about it with T and he encouraged me to go.  I was thinking that it would be nice if he would have come with me, but he had work to do and I really did not give him enough notice.  Besides it was probably something that I needed to do on my own, at least the first time.  

Yesterday and today had something in common at my job.  I was in back to back meetings virtually all day, both days.  At the end of they day today, I was spent and not feeling particularly social.  Originally my plan was to hit the gym right after work and then head to the bar after a shower.  But I got out of work just about an hour and a half later than I expected.  By this time I was cranky as hell and really did not want to see anyone I work with in a bar.  Add drinking to that I can see a scenario where I might say something that might get me fired the next day.

So I didn't go.  I did however put my time to good use.  I walked 70 min on the treadmill (about 4.3 miles).  I think working out helped with some of my stress.  I will try again next month.

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Biki said...

I think you have come a long way. Coming out at work can be a big thing. Going slowly with thoughts of attending "Take the Lake", is perfectly fine. Take you time, the last time I looked life wasn't a race.