Sunday, November 21, 2010

Perfect Clarity

My parents arrived yesterday and today the plan was that T would come to visit at my house.  He offered to take my family out to dinner.  He did not have to do that, but I knew we wanted to and my parents would think it was nice.

T showed up at the house just before we left for dinner, but before we left he was warm and friendly with my parents.  Not that I expected anything else, but it was really nice to see.   At dinner, my daughter sat between T and me.  My dad sat on T's other side.   

T and my dad talked a lot.  My mom too.  They only met him once before, so while they are really still strangers to each other, everyone seemed to be very comfortable.  Part of my dreams came true tonight.  I was sitting at the head of the table with my parent, my kids and my boyfriend.  If you had told me 3 or 4 years ago would be there today, I NEVER would have believed it, but, here I am.

Watching T playing around with my daughter and talking to my parents, I think I fell in love with him again tonight.

This Thursday is Thanksgiving.  I know what I am thankful for.

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