Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bad Day at Work, Good Day at Home

I am still sick, but I had to go into work anyway. At worked it sucked. I had an early meeting that I had to facilitate, but the others in the meeting did not seem to want to go where I was taking them. It was very frustrating and add that to the my not feeling well, it made for a really shitty day.


Today, in our little town, we had our Thanksgiving parade. It is a really big deal in town and practically the whole town turns out to see it. My 2 youngest kids were on a float and they had a real good time.

After that we went home. I was beat. Just drained to my core at the end of the day.

K's parents are doing pretty well, if fact, better then I expected. Today the kids were in school and K and her parents talked a little about our situation. They did not talk too much, but I expected them to be in denial about the whole thing and they are not. They are worried about K, the kids and even me. I think that it was good for K to know that they really do care.

K was really worried about me too. We talked about my day at work and then when she went downstairs she told me that she needed a bottle of wine and a good fucking. She looked at me, and walked away. I was not sure if she was talking about me. It made me a little nervous which made be feel funny. Only a gay guy would have this kind of stress at the prospect of having sex with his wife. (Yet another clue that I am just a gay as I think I am.)

One more day of work and then 4 days off.

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manxxman said...

LOL.........stress from having to perform with your wife.......of course you're gay. And she's beginning to move on....and so are you. Have a good Thanksgiving.