Sunday, January 23, 2011


I almost had an evening with T.  In fact, I almost had my first sleep over with T since our trip over Labor Day.  But alas... it was not to be.

I had a slow morning but a busy afternoon.  We had a event at the church where K works and I went with her and all the kids.  The event itself went fine and they raised a lot of money, but my oldest son was not feeling good.  He has a seizure disorder and he thought he felt one coming on.  We got him home and gave him some medicine to help him.  I really thought he was going to sleep it all off and be fine so I left for T's house.  It was later than I usually go down there, but since there was a possibility of a sleepover, I did not worry about it too much.

I got almost half way there and my cell started ringing.  It was K saying that oldest son had a pretty serious seizure.  I decided to turn around and call T to let him know that I was not coming.  T was very understanding about why I had to cancel our evening.  I'm double glad I was able see him last Thursday.  I may not be able to see him again until next weekend

While I know I made the right call and did the right thing, I am more that a little disappointed.  

Next time.

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T said...

What are you talking about? I'm Cambodian. This time, the body does look like mine. The face is less attractive, though.