Sunday, January 30, 2011

Double Date

Tonight I got back from a double date.  I think really the first one for T and I.   I met him for dinner tonight, with both his sisters and one sister's boyfriend.  So there were 5 of us out for dinner together (and 3 of us were gay).

T's sister's boyfriend seems to be nice and he clearly likes her as much as she likes him.  I hope this goes somewhere for her.  

We were also with T's lesbian sister.  She was very talkative and funny tonight.  The more I go over there and spend time with them, the more I feel accepted by the family.

After dinner, we watched a movie at T's house, on his over-sized couch.  He and I sat on one side, the sister and her boyfriend on the other.  The lesbian sister (I need to come up with better names for them) went up to her room to watch something else.  

It was really nice to be sitting there watching a movie with him and another couple.  Not that I feel like we are hiding when we are alone, but to sometimes be together, openly, and clearly in love, is liberating and validating.  

It was a really good night.

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