Saturday, January 1, 2011

Surprises & Dreams

I was right.  2011 is looking up.

Last night I was up way too late.  I also had touble staying asleep.  I drank a lot at K's party and then while I was driving to bring T home.  No, I was not drunk, I only drank one beer, and the rest was Diet Coke and coffee.  I drank all that so I would be awake for the drive, but all night long I had to get up to pee.  

Once I could stay asleep, I slept until 9:00, which is really late for me.  About 9:30 I got a text from T.  "I  will be in your area, want to meet for lunch?"  Of course I did, but K already had plans, so I told him I would love to, but have to bring the kids with me.

"No problem, bring them." came the near instant response.  (I really love him.)

T is really good with my kids.  My daughter (6) and my middle son (13) seem to like him the best.  My youngest son (9) likes him pretty well, and my oldest son (15) doesn't really give a shit about anyone but himself (unless you are holding an x-box controller.  Last night when T arrived at my house, my daughter attacked him begging in to play a card game with her.  Usually she want him to play Wii with her.  But he played, and was happy about it, while I helped K finish the last minute preparations for the party.  It was just awesome to watch him play with her and I fell in love with him again.

Back to today, I told the kids were were going to have lunch with T and the ones that get happy, got happy and the older one, just asked where we were going to eat.  We picked a pizza joint that is not really that good, but it's cheap and the kids love it.  He was there before us, but we (me, him, & the kids) we all glad to see each other.  

It truly was a nice surprise.

Between lunch today and the party last night, more and more of my dream is coming true.

I have said that the ideal is Thanksgiving dinner, with everyone together.

  1. T, maybe one or more of his sisters
  2. AJ with his daughter
  3. K
  4. Me
  5. My kids and in later years, their spouses and kids.
Last night, I had, T, AJ, K, Me, my kids at a New Year's Eve party.  AJ's daughter was not there, but everyone else was.  It was not Thanksgiving, but it was a whole lot closer than I ever thought I would ever be.

Tonight K and I talked about that.  We talked about how well everyone seemed to get along together.  AJ, made a effort to talk to everyone.  (T thought he made too much of an effort, but I think he (AJ) meant well.)  T did not say much, but spoke up when he had something to say.

The other couple, who knows the whole situation, seems comfortable even though our situation is outside their experience.  While they have know I am gay for some time, this was the first time they  saw me with my boyfriend.  If they were uncomfortable, they hid it completely.

I have to go back to work on Monday.  Glad I had such a good vacation this week.


Biki said...

Perfect! Just totally and completely perfect! That is happy news for sure.

Merry New Year to you!

Single Guy said...

2011 will be great! much better than 2010