Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jimmy is Coming to Town

With one exception, K and I have been to every Jimmy Buffett concert that has been near us.  Last year he came to a city about 4 hours from here and we did not go.  This year, he will be here.

Yesterday tickets on sale at 10:00 am sharp and I was online picking up 6 tickets.  TicketMaster must have upgraded their site since 2 years ago, because it was very easy to get my tickets before they sold out.  Why did I get 6?  Well, that is really the topic of today's posting.

K and I both like Jimmy Buffett.  I liked him first.  She not only refused to come with me to one concert, she mocked me for going.  After the show I started playing a lot of his music around our house and she discovered she liked the music... a lot.  When he came back the following summer, we both went and the rest is ParrotHead history.

Since then we have gone to all the shows together.  Even over the past couple of years.  We went to one 3 years ago and K realized that I was not holding her a closely as I had in the past.  This was right when she discovered that I had fallen in love with T (which was against the rules.).  The following year we went again.  This time we were trying to patch up our broken marriage.  T was "just a friend" at that point and I was trying to show her that I still loved her.

Now, 2 years later, things are sooooo different.

This year, I bought 6 tickets, usually I just buy 2.  Of course K and I will go, but this year we will not really be going with each other.  We will be going with our boyfriends.  AJ is going with K.  T is going with me.  There is also another couple that is friends with K, who I don't really know, but K has told them about our situation, and mine.

I am excited for this concert. There are a lot of reasons, not the least of which is I will be sharing something that I really love with my boyfriend like a "normal" couple might.

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T said...

Jim, I'm Korean. How am I going to understand Jimmy Buffett? But, I will be happy to go with you if you promised to get me a hot dog and a diet coke at the concert. By the way, since last Thursday, my cockateil has learned to say, "Hello, Jim. Please clean my cage."