Thursday, January 13, 2011

Father Daughter Dance

Last night was the Father - Daughter Dance sponsored by my daughter's elementary school.  My daughter is 6.  That's her in the purple dress.  

We showed up and got our picture taken.  Then we went into the hall where the dance floor is.  There must have 150 girls all under the age of 8 dancing.  My daughter almost immediately abandoned me to dance with the girls she knew from school.

That's how most of he evening went.  I took her to the restroom and as I waited outside for her.  The DJ played the song, "My Girl" and I know all the dads were dancing with their daughters, while I was waiting outside the bathroom.  (It is kind of like going to the mall with your wife, but I digress.)

When she finished that song was over and they started playing "Whatever It Is" by the Zack Brown Band.  My daughter headed for the dance floor, then stopped and came backing, asking me to dance with her.  Of course I was delighted to be asked.

We danced and circled and twirled until the song was over.  The next song was a faster song she liked.  She stopped dancing.  Gave me a hard hug.  Pulled on my sweater so I wound lean down.  She kissed me on the cheek and then turned and vanished into the crowd of dancing girls.

It was so sweet I could hardly keep myself from crying, right there in front of the other dads.  Even now, as it write this, I am having trouble keeping my eyes dry.

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Biki said...

This has to be the sweetest thing you have ever written! I can just see her dancing around with all her little friends, so happy, so carefree. Thanks for the really nice visit.