Saturday, March 26, 2011

I Think So

Thursday night there was gay event called "Take the Lake".  It was at a new bar/restaurant right on the water of a huge lake.  I was nervous about it, but I knew I was going to go for 2 reasons.

First, T was going with me, and he would not easily let me back out of it.

Second, I told my boss at work (lets call him "Mike") that I would be there and he said he would be there.  I also told him that I was bringing T.  Since I talk about T a lot with Mike, I really wanted him to meet T.  Also since I talk about work to T, I wanted T to meet him too.

We arranged  to meet at a book store not far from the bar where the event was.  He was running a little late because of the traffic on the interstate that time of day.  When he showed up we drove together to the bar, after a quick kiss in the parking lot.  :-)

When we pulled in I was looking for cars I recognized.  I saw Mike's.  Then I saw Mike.  He had just arrived.  He waited and the three of us walked in together.  I did not see anyone I knew from the office.  Mike, who has gone to these things before, did not really see anyone either.

I had a couple of beers (T does not drink)  and the three of us talked, mostly me and Mike talking about shit that happens in the office.  After a while we had dinner.  After we sat down, another guy I had seen around the office sat down to chat.  He knew Mike and we did introductions all the way around.     We chatted for a while and it was really fun.  

After dinner, we left.  It was almost 8:00.  Mike when his way and T and I left together to go back to where he had left his car.

I had a really good time, and I think T did too.  I did not, make a bunch of new connections, but I made at least one.  

Next Tuesday, I will have another chance.  There is a gay professional Meet Up group meeting for a dinner and I still plan to go to that.

Tonight I am going to T's house for a visit.  Can't wait to see him.


Jacob Woods said...

Cute story! Hope you enjoy your time with T.

Anonymous said...

glad to hear you have a great time at the party.