Saturday, September 10, 2011

At the Park

I am sitting at a picnic table at a park near K's house.  My daughter is playing in a softball game.  K is helping coach the pitcher.  I am watching my youngest son as we plays on the playground.  My older boys are at a friends house playing Xbox.

I am feeling calm now.  Calm compared to my meltdown last night.  BTW, I really appreciate all the words of support from my Blogger friends.  It really helps me.

Last night K told the kids I was feeling sad.  My oldest son called to check on me around 11:00 before he went to bed.  I'm not sure I'm happy she did that.  Especially for the younger kids, I don't want them to think they are responsible for my happiness.  That is not their problem, it's mine.

As I watch my son run around on the playground, easily making friends with total strangers, I feel happier.  Even though we are not really doing anything together, I know he is there and he knows I am there.

I guess I was due for a meltdown and last night, I had it.

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Anonymous said...

Great recovery. This is why you're going to be fine. You bounce back. You'll keep bouncing back. There are more bumps in the road, but you are on the right track.