Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fun and Work and Education

I went to bowling tonight.  The team we played against this week was friendlier than the team last week, so it was a lot more fun.  I am getting to know my team mates better.  The guy in the dress was not there this week.

It was nice for a while to just have a little fun and not have to worry about all the turmoil in my life. All I had to worry about knocking down as many pins as I can.  I did pretty well for me.  143, 121, 149.

I am leaning more and more toward the idea of not going back to work but to got to PA school.  I had a text exchange with my mother this afternoons and it sounded like both her and my dad are thinking that it is a good idea.  This, of course, is delighting T that they agree with him.

I am still scared about how I will support myself, but T thinks that I should be able to get loans, even those that will cover living expenses.  I am a little worried about paying back all these loans too.  I will probably have to wipe out the little bit I have saved for my retirement, and making up that money while paying off large loans.

After thinking about it, I am coming around to the idea.  Besides, when it comes time to retire, with this education I could easily work part time at a hospital or doctors office, to make up in what I am missing in my  401K.  


Anonymous said...

I think you should think about it some more and not make knee jerk reactions. Lots is changing in your life as it is. You haven't really even tried to find another job.
My suggestion is to bed down the changes in your life first then see if you really want to change careers in mid life.

Anonymous said...

Unless your whole industry is being wiped out, there's no good reason to immediately jettison your experience and background to start a new career.

You have severance and at least 6 months of unemployment to keep you afloat while you search for something you are qualified for. You can wait that time before deciding to go back to school.

jim said...

T has made the point that, what happens if I get a job and in 5 years when I am nearly 50, I get laid off again. Then what? Being 50 and unemployed does not sound like a lot of fun. And it's not like I have a wife who's income I can live on for a while.

TwoLives said...

Rather than put all your eggs in one economic basket, is there a way to hedge? Can you look for a job AND explore the options for school, at least until you have to commit to one or the other? If you get a job can you go to school part-time? It would take you longer to finish school but it would reduce the financial impact and give you more options in the future.

Another thing to consider is that you might not enjoy school or the profession. That possibility might seem remote now but until you have some hands-on experience there's no way to know what the reality will be like.

RB said...

Dude, you are so lucky to even have this option. Go try explaining to the child support nazi's that you want to go back to school and will have no income for a few years. They will throw your ass in jail...seriously.