Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The No Brainer?

If someone told you there was a million dollars waiting for you in a bank and all you have to do it go and pick it up, you would be pretty excited.   What if then you were told you it was in a bank 2 thousand miles away.  Well, that's a set back, but you could just hop in your car and head to the bank.

What if then, you discovered you only have a half a tank of gas and because you have a much reduced income, you are not sure you can buy enough gas to make the trip.  Then what?  Well, you are going to let this stop you, it will be difficult, but you know you can do it.  You don't really need much.  If you adjust your lifestyle, maybe agree to take some cargo in your car, you will be able to get enough gas to get there.  

Hell, even if you had to walk or hitch hike across country you would do it.  It might take a several weeks or months to get there, but you know you can do it.  You are determined and the promise of the pay off would change your life.

That's all well and good if you are single person.  But what if your not?  What if you have children?  You have to bring them with you to get the million dollars.  That changes the equation, doesn't it?  You can't very well hitch hike with young children.  It's just not safe.  If you were traveling by yourself you could sleep in a bus station or even outside.  But if you are traveling with children, you can't very well do that.

You really want the million dollars.  You know that you can make the sacrifices necessary to get you there.   But what about the others who rely on you?  Can they make the sacrifice?  It goes beyond will they support you, of course they will.  But you still have to support them.  What happens if you can't do that while you are traveling the road to the million dollars?

What do you do?


Buddy Bear said...

Wow, what a cryptic story! I don't think these things can be decided analytically, based on the facts alone.

Emotional connections, especially when children are involved, should be a primary consideration.

Anonymous said...

You can't go. You have to look after the kids.

JustAMike said...

I don't think going for the million dollars and having children along are mutually exclusive.

I think the children need to see you modelling behaviour that allows you to be happy, looks after them and treats everyone with dignity and respect.

I'd take it a step further and say you owe it to your children to get the million dollars because they need to learn about relationships from their parents. If you avoid teaching them the proper lessons then they will learn the lessons of others.

During the process, they will stick with you and be loyal to you as long as you show them you love and respect them enough to live your life openly and honestly.

I can't wait till you reach the million with your kids cheering you on!

T said...

Will your kids continue to have clothes on their backs? YES
Will your kids continue to have enough food to eat? YES
Will your kids have you beside them when they need you? YES
Will you be starved? NO
Will you be homeless? NO
Will you have less love? NO

Stop wasting your time and start studying for that GRE!!!

Anonymous said...

What T said. You just worry too much. You have it way better than a lot of people, in more ways than one. Think of what T and his family have been through. What if they had not taken chances in order to better themselves. I'm sure there were many sacrifices along the way, much more than you and your kids will ever experience, but I bet it was worth it.

Anonymous said...

I never knew PA's were so well paid!

Thomas (Tom) Rimington said...


I'll send you an airline ticket if you'll split the cash...

No, really... I'd send you the ticket, just to see you happy!!