Friday, September 2, 2011

For the Last Time

Tonight K started to bring clothes and some things to the new house.  I made dinner for the kids.  Then I made something else for me, K & AJ.  After her second load, K left to spend the night at AJ's house while I was getting my daughter out of the tub.  

As I tucked her in to bed, like I have almost every night for the past 7 years, she hugged me longer than she usually does.  She said to me, "When we are moved, you will be here with ... just you."  I told her that it was going to be OK and that she could sleep over at my house anytime she wanted.  I think that made her feel better.

As I closed her door, I could no longer hold back my tears.  The day I have always feared is tomorrow.


Uncutplus said...

So what does that prove?

That you are human!

That you are a loving father!

I hope that in the future, your daughter and all your children will have many sleepovers at your house. I sort of think your daughter for one, will insist on it.

What you are going through right now must be the hardest part of the separation. I am sure that you will find out just how much your children do love you.

Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there. Will be thinking of you.
Tom from Cleveland

Anonymous said...

It’s one thing to intellectually know a change is coming. Emotionally it’s as if we can’t really embrace it until it’s actually upon us. It’s got to hit you hard and then you’ll get used to the new reality. Your family will find a way. It will be different but they won’t forget you or stop loving you, even K. My prayers are with you. ciel

T said...

So sad I couldn't sleep last night. My prayers will continue to be for you and your family.