Sunday, January 22, 2012

I'ts F---ed Up, But It Seems To Works For Us.

Friday night and all day Saturday I spent with the kids at K's house.  She, AJ and his daughter were all at a tournament 3 hours away.  We had a good weekend, though I did not get a lot of school work done.

Today, K had to go into work early and I needed to sleep.  The kids were at her house with AJ and I was home.  We (Me, AJ, my kids and his daughter) met K at work where we then went out to lunch to celebrate my oldest son's birthday.  He just turned 16.

After lunch K returned to work and I went with AJ and the kids back to his house.  The kids were all doing their thing and I asked AJ to if he would keep an eye on them while I did a few errands.

I went back to my house, packed a bag and then headed to the gym.  I needed a little me time.  After an OK workout, I headed for the grocery store to pick up a gallon of milk.  As I was leaving my phone rang.  I see it's AJ calling.

Me: Hello?
AJ:  Hey.  This is AJ.
Me:  Right.  What's up?
AJ:  I was wondering what you wanted to do for dinner.  You know... for the kids.
Me:  Well, I was planning on leftovers.  There is some pizza left from the other night and the stuff we brought home from the restaurant this afternoon.  I picked up milk, did you want me to grab something else?
AJ:  No, that should be OK.  Why don't you just come on back.
Me:  OK.  I'm on  my way.

As I hung up, I reflected on just how odd that conversation was.  Even now, several hours later, I think it was fucked up.  I wrote out the whole conversation, just as it happened.  Based on that, would you think I was talking to my ex-wife's new husband?  

Whenever AJ, thinks about the situation we have with me, K, him, and the kids he says the same thing.  "It's fucked up, but it seems to work for us."

So far so good.


T said...

I was going to say the two of you sounded so sweet, but I'm not going to say it. :)

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