Saturday, January 7, 2012


I am getting used to the idea that strangers are living in my house.  I have not been really able to get to know them.  They spend a lot of time up in their room  and I am not home a lot.

I did make it a point to go up and tell them they should feel free to use the whole house.  I wanted them to feel comfortable.  They thanked me politely and stayed in their room.

I make it a point not to hang out in my room.  I set my laptop on the kitchen table and I do most of my work there.  I like to use my bedroom only for sleep and sex (sadly mostly sleeping).  Since I had that trouble sleeping last year, I have been careful about working or even watching too much TV in my room.

Anyway, they are both nice.  They are very good about cleaning up after they use the kitchen and cleaning up after their dog.  They paid the rent in cash.  If I have to have roommates, I would not mind if these people stayed around a while.

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