Saturday, January 7, 2012

Split The Differance

At the beginning of the week I asked for feedback on the options of taking a job or going back to school.  I appreciate all the feedback I got.  I was helpful as I thought it out.

On Tuesday I had my phone interview with the recruiter.  He told me at the beginning it would be a 15 to 20 min conversation to get some basic information.  We ended up talking for 30 min.  I think that's a good sign.  He also told me he thought they could get me very close to the salary I was making at my old job because of my considerable experience, even though it was a lesser position.  He also told me they would be in touch towards the end of next week if they wanted to schedule an in-person interview.

That was Tuesday.

He called on Thursday morning (at 8:20am) and asked me to come in on Tuesday next week.  That was fast, I thought.  Must also be a good sign.

I have a good feeling about this job, and if it pays well, I don't think I can turn it down to go to school full time.  On the other hand, if they make me an offer, I don't think I have to abandon the school idea either.   I think if they make me an offer I will drop 2 of the 4 classes I'm signed up for now, and take the other 2.  They are all online so it should be no problem.

I'm trying hard not to get to worked up about this.  I have had good feelings before.  I have not even had the interview yet and I may not get an offer.  I do, however, interview pretty well so I am hopeful things will work out.

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TwoLives said...

Every situation is different, but I'm going to share a bit of Gabbie's recent job hunting experience. Her story should make you feel guardedly optimistic.

In mid-September she learned that a lower-level position was available at a prior employer. She wanted out of her current job and was very eager to trade a pay cut for less stress. We traveled the last week of Sept and the HR person said, "I'll check with the manager but I don't think he'll want to wait until you get back. He wants to fill the position right away." Then she called back to say, to her surprise, the mgr. would wait. She was the fourth person to be interviewed. That was the first week of October. She had EXACTLY the same job at the same location more than 10 years ago and she's had several higher level positions since then in other places. For the salary, there is .02% chance that someone else would be more qualified. She was told in the interview that she'd need to meet the division manager as well. By the end of October, no contact. Then she found out from a friend that the mgr. had continued to interview others, at least another six people. She panicked. We found two other open positions that she was very well qualified for, at different companies. By mid-November she had interviewed at both of them. In the first week of December she had a second interview with one of them. Then finally (two months later) the first job called and scheduled her for a second interview there, also in the first week of Dec. That went well so she anticipated an offer any day...but then the days ticked by...then FINALLY, on Dec 16, the first place called with an offer. After lots of slow back and forth over the holidays, she has a start date of 1/11. Four months after she first applied! And it's a very low level position. Lots of ups and downs during all that time. Last week I checked on whether the other two positions she interviewed for in Nov. had been filled. Both are still open. For all three, the first people she interviewed with said they wanted to fill the job "right away." I have no idea why it's taken them so long to fill these jobs (the local umemployment rate is 5.3%???), it just has.

The best news isn't just that she finally got the job she wanted. It's that she is so over-qualified that they started her at the very top of the salary range, a good 20% more than what she expected.

The moral? You will prevail! But you might have to be verrrrrry patient.

Continuing with school on a part-time basis is a great idea.