Saturday, January 14, 2012

Who Knew??

As is happens, you can put too much cheese in an omelet.  The kids asked for breakfast for diner tonight.  They mostly ate waffles.  I made an omelet for myself.  I sprinkled in some chopped up maple pork sausage and several slices of American cheese.   I normally would use a blend of sharp cheddar and monterey jack cheese, but I am at K's house this weekend and I used what she had.  I put in too many slices and it pretty much ruined the omelet.  It's too bad too, since it was cooked perfectly.

Why am I at K's?  Well, her winter volleyball season started last weekend.  From now until April, she will be gone to a tournament every Saturday.  A couple of them will be over night.  The one this weekend is in Myrtle Beach.  She left yesterday and will not return until Monday.  K coaches 2 teams and one of them had AJ's daughter on the team so AJ and his daughter are with K.  I am staying at her house with my kids.

I would have had them stay at my house except for 2 things.  I don't think I want to subject my new roommates to the chaos that is my kids.  (They are a young couple and may be scared off from ever having kids.)  Also there are 2 dogs at K's house that have to be looked after so it's just easier for me to come here.  

Because of K's trip, I cannot go see T tonight like I often do on Saturday nights.  I talked to him about 30 min ago, and he is so tired from his day at work, he cannot come see me tonight either.  I miss him a lot.

I have a pile to school work on today.  I have been reading about viruses most of the day.  Not so easy to do when you are the only adult in a house with 4 kids.  I am getting tired now.  I did not sleep well last night (I was sleeping in K's bed) and it's starting to take a toll for the day.

So here I am all by myself.  The kids are doing their own thing right now.  I found some Malibu K had brought back from her cruise last year.  She also has some orange/pineapple juice.  That sounded pretty yummy so I mixed one up.  And another...

I really like it.  It is sweet, fruity, a little alcohol taste, but not too much.  As I scanned Google looking for the pictures to add into this post, I searched for "malibu rum man"  I was hoping to find a picture of a buff, shirtless guy with a bottle or maybe a shirtless bartender.  I found a few nice pictures of shirtless bartenders, but I decided that since I was drinking alone, the bar part scene was not the right image.  

I did, however, find several images to suggest the Malibu is a .... well... less than macho adult beverage.  I say, screw it.  I like it and I'm going to drink it.  I don't care if it is a gay drink.

I just wish there was a special someone here to share it with me.

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