Saturday, June 5, 2010

End of A Very Stressful Week.

I have had a stressful week.  The bulk of my stress having come form 2 places.  K's friend, D's visit (that did not go well) and my overloaded plate at work.

Thankfully D left early Tuesday morning.  I do not know about K, but after the 6 days of his visit, I feel certain I will never see him again.  Which is just fine by me.  I am not going to get into it here, because this blog is about me.  :-)

I have a lot of stuff to do at work and the most important thing is assembling a 60 or 70 page, long range strategy document that no one is going to read.  Well, I'm going to read it, but after that, no one else.

All that stress melted away this evening when I was able to get to see T.  I met him at his office, he got in my car and we had several hours of alone time.

It was not as long as I would have liked, but he works on Saturday morning, I was getting sleepy and his house is about an hour's drive from mine.  

The rest of the weekend will be pretty full.  We (K, kids and me) are helping at a horse bard that is doing a fund raiser for a 6 year old that need some sort of organ transplant.  I don't know the details, but I am willing to help anyway.  K is then leaving the rest of the day.  Her boyfriend, AJ, had a birthday last Thursday and Saturday (I guess that's today, by now) his daughter is throwing him a surprise party.  She is 15 so you can imagine this is not really that well planned out.  K's mission is to get him out of the house for most of the afternoon so the guests can arrive and she (AJ's daughter) can decorate.  I expect the party to last a while so we will probably not see her until late.

I'm really glad she has him.  He is pretty good to her and she likes him a lot.  I think she is falling in love with him, but she is "resisting" out of fear of being hurt.  I think it's too late.  Her fall has already fallen for him.


Cubby said...

Hope you have a good weekend.

Java said...

It sounds like a good weekend. Hope you have a great day.