Thursday, June 3, 2010

Don't Get Too Comfortable

While my road has smoothed out some, it is not without some potholes.

There is a house that is not too far from my current house.  This house has enough room for K and all the kids.  It has been completely remodeled and it has a slightly larger lot than I have now.  It also has a basement.  A basement that has been converted into an one bedroom apartment.  It is PERFECT for our situation.  I can be at home with the kids, I can have my space and she can have her space.  

It is even a price I can afford.  It has been on the market and long time and the price has come down.  We have been looking at it for over 2 years.  But there is one problem.  We can sell the house we are in.  

Well I could sell it, but I would take a bath on the price.  And if it was not hard enough to sell a house these days, it's even harder when there are 6 people living there.  

K hates our current house, and now that I am sleeping downstairs, she does not like it any better.  The other night she had some stress about it and we have a little fight.  She was pissed.  I was pissed.

I would love to have this new house, but until we sell this one, we are dead in the water.  It is frustrating for her and me.  I just deal with it better.

The next morning I did not feel very good about it.  I had talked to T that morning on my way to work and he usually can make me feel better. 

I really do think that is the last thing we need to work out.  Once we resolve our living situation into something we can work with long term, things will be a lot better.  One the kids grow up and move out, then we can work out another arrangement.  Even if one day she wants to marry AJ (and she is no where near ready for that) she could not move in there with our kids, his house is not big enough.  I also don't think that he would want there there until his own daughter is moved away.  In any case, K and I will be living with the kids for 4 or 5 years anyway and the the house we have just is not going to work for that long.

By the end of the day it seemed we had reached a better place.  I mentioned that she should call a Realtor and she said no.  That we should just hang here for now.

It seems the bumps in the road are still jarring.


T and I took a trip to the lake this week.  We rented a house on the far end of the lake, away from where the motor boats and water skiers go.  We had the house with a dock.  There was no boat, but a small sandy beach and the sand went all the way out to the end of the dock, so it was nice for swimming.

The house was on 10 acres so there were no neighbors to worry about. We were only there a couple of days, but it was so nice.  I did not have the kids screaming at me, I did not have K asking me to do things and I there was no work.

Just us.

One morning we got up to watch the sun come up over the lake.   Laying naked together in an over-sized hammock, I pulled him tightly against me for a deep kiss as the sun broke over the trees.

As we kissed, I could feel his hand sliding down my body to my...

What the hell is that noise?  

Don't listen my love, It's the beating of our hearts, he tells me.

No!  It's something else. 

It was my alarm clock.  

It was just a dream.


manxxman said...

Nothing wrong with talking to a realtor.......hell if they can shift your house for this other one. It's just money and if you like the new house that much better maybe it's well worth it. Anyway think about it.

Cubby said...

Just a dream?! You bitch! Teasing us like that...

jim said...

The sad part is, I was teasing myself too.

Java said...

Well, it's a wonderful dream. Perhaps you can work to make the dream come true. Just leave out the alarm clock.

RB said...

Can you say short sale?