Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Misunderstandings and Vacations

Misunderstanding are funny things.  Sometimes they feed on themselves.  Sometimes one party thinks one thing.  The other party thinks something else and it makes it all worse.

Suffice it to say the misunderstand that T and I had got worse, expanded to other topics, but then got completely resolved.  It was an uncomfortable a couple of days, but now it is over and we are both good.

Friday after work, K and I and the kids will leave for our vacation.  We will back up the mini-van and the kids and drive over night nearly 800 miles overnight. 

This will be one of those visit the family kinds of vacations.  We will be staying with my parents, but I know that we will spend a fair amount of time jackassing all over the state.

I am actually looking forward to the trip.  I want to see my parents and sister.  I want the kids to be able to hang out with their cousins as much as possible.  

I do have one friend from college that I want to see.  I plan to come out to him on this trip.  I have been thinking about that a lot, over the past few days.  I'll talk more about that another day.


manxxman said...

Drive safely.

Anonymous said...

You are the guilty party, but I forgave you as usual...LOL

jim said...

Thanks Honey...

Cubby said...

Coming out to an old college friend... that's very stressful I know. Make sure you have a beer first.

Safe travels :-)