Sunday, September 27, 2009

Daddy! Don't kill them, they're only babies!!

K works on Sunday. It rained at my house last night. My daughter and I went out to see her off. As K backed out of the driveway, we noticed that where the wheels were some bugs had been hiding where the tire treads were. My daughter when to look at them, and I followed. As I approached, she looked up and yelled at me, "Daddy! Don't kill them, they're only babies!"

How cute is that? I texted K what my daughter said.

Last week I was driving to the store with my daughter in the back of the van. It was a nice day and I had the windows open and I hear.

"Daddy, Close the windows."
"Why?, I asked.
"Because it is messing up my beautiful hair."

Did I mention my daughter is 5? I also texted this exchange to K. I do that a lot when cute things happen when she is not there. She does the same for me sometimes.

Anyone with children knows that these are the moments that these are the moments that you remember for a long time. These little moments are what make all the not-so-fun parts of parenting worth while. I will really miss that when I eventually have to leave.

When I got my last cell phone I intentionally got one with a pretty good camera on it. I take A LOT of pictures with it. Especially pictures of the kids. Sometimes, when I take them I wonder if it will be one of the last times we are together as a norman intact family, before I have to go bounding out of the closet and destroy everything.

Maybe I am being something of a drama queen. It's not like I will be moving out of state, probably not even to the next town. Not even really sure I will be leaving at all, but thinking about this makes it all the more stressful.

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manxxman said...

Will it's my experience with my children that I don't miss much. I'm lucky, they are loving and accepting.....unlike me when I was young (will college age) and found out my father was gay. But that's a whole different story.

Love them and they will love you back.