Thursday, September 17, 2009

Church and the persistent cell phone

K works at a church. She is the youth director. She wants to join the church as a member and asked me if I wanted to join too. I was not sure how to respond. The people there have been nice to me, but once they find out that K is married to a fag (or getting divorced from a fag), I doubt they will be as happy to have me around. (I also worry that it might cause problems for K as a church employee.)

I have not told her what I want to do, but she has indicated she will join (with the kids) with or without me. :-( I guess that's what moving on feels like. Other than that, things are moving slowly, but quickly for us. Even though we have made no change in the past few days, we have made more movement in the past 4 weeks than we have in the past 18 months.

I met T for lunch today. I was glad to see him and he was clearly glad to see me, or at least it seemed that way at first. We went to an "On The Boarder" (Their food is just OK, but they have the best salsa!!) Anyway shortly after we ordered he got a work related call. He owns his own business he takes Thursday off, but he sometimes gets calls. The first call was important and he had to take it. it was quick and then over. Then he got another call, his brother. He is Vietnamese and spoke to his brother in his language. They talked for over 10 min while I sat there, finished my lunch, paid the bill and looked out the window. We have not seen each other in over a month and we had just under an hour to be together before I had to go to back to work. What the hell did his brother need that could not have waited 30 min??

There was a semi long walk back to where our cars were parked. I thought it would be a nice chance to walk together and talk. He took another fucking call. This one in English and I did not think it was something that could not have waited 15 min. What the hell???!! I can see where I fit into. So disappointed, I headed back to work. At least the food was good. Should have let him pay the bill. {sigh}


Joe said...

Boy, do I understand. I've had Paul doing the same thing...sometimes it makes you wonder if they have a clue at all...

Joe said...

I really need to change this ID.... this is Jim emergingidentity

manxxman said...

Half way thru the second call, if you had just stood and paid the bill and quietly walked out of "On the Boarder" the statement would have been louder then if you had dumped your salad over his head.

If he had gotten annoyed at you he would have had no reason. As long as you give him control he's going to use it.

As for moving on......yep I'd say K has moved on a lot.....dragging you kicking and screaming along behind her......good for K, and at some point you'll realize "good for you".