Friday, June 17, 2011

Bad, Worse, Then Better

This has been a shitty week.

I have been swamped at work.  K is getting ready to leave for her tournament in Orlando (she left tonight.)  I have been dealing with the aftermath of the death of the family dog.  Add in all the regular crap I have to deal with and I have just about had enough, thank you very much.

There was one thing that kept me going all week.  I was going to a father's day party at T's house.  His mom was making a clam dish that she knows I like.  His sister was BBQing ribs, that everyone likes.  Best of all, much of T's extended family will be there.  That is a hugely important thing.  The fact that his parents would be comfortable with me there at the same time as the rest of the family, is a big deal for them.

K had arranged for our regular babbysitter to come and watch the little kids.  (The older ones can fend for themselves.)  Or at least I thought she had.  I sent a text message to the sitter to confirm that she was coming and telling her what time I wanted her to come.  

"I didn't know anything about babysitting tonight.  I have to work." came the reply.  

Just great.  K insisted that she confirmed it with the sitter, but it is possible they got their dates wrong.  Either way I was screwed.  While my older kids can take care of themselves, I do not trust them to watch the littler kids.  Not only that, the little kids don't listen to the older kids at all.  I might be able to leave them for a hour while I run to the store, but not out for the evening.

I let T know that my sitter fell through.  Dang it!!  So there is my shitty week going straight to hell.  The light at the end of the tunnel, just went dark

Several hours later I got a message from him.  "My dad says you should bring your kids."  Another big step.  Not so much that he invited my kids, but when T told him that I was not going to able to make it and why, he thought about it enough to suggest a solution.  Why is this a big deal?  Because if his family was indifferent to me, they might have just shrugged off my not being able to come, not caring if I was there or not.  But instead, he invited the kids because he thought it would be better if I was there.  

I guess I am making in roads after all.  My gloomy outlook on the weekend suddenly turned brighter.


Paul said...

Good for you and T that you can bring the kids along. But you need to have some back up babysitters!

Buddy Bear said...

Fantastic outcome, on so many different levels!

jim said...

We do have back up babysitters. The problem is they left with K.

Jim said...

What a wonderful thing that the sitter fell through and gave T's dad the chance to show his true colors.

Anonymous said...

Nice, cute,hot, young,restless boyfriend who can't sleep without you and now a very understanding family.
Not bad at all, may I know his salary as well? :-D
Btw make sure to thank the sitter later and I very much hope the kids are on their best behavior because they sometimes tend to become creative when meeting strangers

Mind Of Mine said...

The fact that the babysitter couldn't come was actually a really good thing. It just goes to show you have T's family are not only supportive of your relationship but are actually embracing it, welcoming you and your family into theirs. Heartwarming.